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Our Mission: 

To provide emergency funding or supplemental assistance that will make an immediate difference in the lives of people in need.

Participate in our Matching Contributions Program.

You can now help someone you care for through your own charitable contribution.

Do you know someone who is truly needy?  Someone who is seriously ill or in deprivation and does not have the means to carry on?  It might be a friend, or someone you know about, or possibly even a relative.  Very often these unfortunate people fall through the cracks in our vast bureaucracy of health care and social services. 

The Choices and Hope Organization was created to help these people.  We work with people in trouble who are not able to find help from the government, or from other charitable agencies. 

  • Either they don't meet the rigid standards and requirements, 

  • or they don't qualify for some other reason, 
  • or perhaps they just don't have what it takes to wade through the wrangling and time consuming red tape that is needed. 

Our acceptance process is quick and convenient.  

To be accepted for a donation through the Choices and Hope Organization, the person must be:

  • in genuine need, and 

  • must be unable to provide for themselves at the present time.

Because our funds are limited we ask for contributions to our general fund that are sufficient to handle the requirements of the individuals we help.  The amount does not need to be exact and the payments can be in any form.  We appreciate any contributions that you can make at this time



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