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Bonnie Richmond, David Lee, and Michael Bebek - three ordinary individuals who wanted to connect people who needed help with people who could help them.

Michael Bebek unfortunately became quite ill in 1997 and had to resign as a director. He then became a recipient of "Choices & Hope" assistance until his death in 1998 at the age of 38.  This was a terrible loss, but at least Choices & Hope, which he was instrumental in starting, helped Michael live out his final days with dignity and with as much comfort as possible.

It is ironic that the very organization Michael helped create and name became a way for his friends and family to help him through his illness.

The website: was born in October, 2003 in an effort to reach out to more people who:

  • Know of someone in need,

  • Want to be of help to that individual or family,
  • Seek an avenue of donating to them specifically,
  • Maintain anonymity,
  • Would also like to receive a tax credit for a charitable contribution, and/or
  • Have the desire to know that any donation made would reach an individual or family that not only deserves help but has no other resources or is caught up in bureaucratic red tape when the assistance is urgently needed now!


Bonnie Richmond Signature image - One of the founders of Choices and Hope - A charity organization
Executive Director


Choices & Hope
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