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Case Histories

Michael, 05/07/61 - 07/04/98

At the age of 34, Michael was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Like many cancer sufferers Michael could no longer work once he started chemotherapy.

Though he received some assistance, it was not enough to cover his monthly living expenses. The fund raising efforts of Choices & Hope enabled Michael to continue a life of dignity up until his death. He was able to maintain his residence close to the Norris Cancer Center at USC, where he received his chemo treatments and continual testing.

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Tony, Age 21
Santa Monica, California

Tony was raised in a single-parent, low-income family where his mother was able to provide only the necessities in life.

Tony is an intelligent young man, and he graduated from high school. However, he was unable to find a job that would lead to a future better than his past.

For many years, Tony had dreamed of having a computer-related career, yet he was not able to afford the necessary schooling.

Choices & Hope helped Tony to overcome his financial obstacles by providing a grant to supplement his student loan.

He is now employed as a computer programmer with a small Los Angeles firm and is doing quite well.

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Rose, Age 66
Seal Beach, California

Rose is an independent-minded woman who has lived with arthritis for several years. 

Because she is very limited in her physical activity, she wished she could afford a stackable washer/dryer so that she could avoid walking to the laundromat.

Social Security won't cover such a so-called luxury. But for Rose, it was not a matter of enjoying a luxury, rather it was a means towards independence and a better quality of living.

Choices & Hope made a difference in Rose's life by providing the stackable washer/dryer.


Choices & Hope
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