"Each of our lives can make a real impact with just one act of kindness"

- Bonnie

About Us

Giving Hope, Changing Lives

Although Choices & Hope is a small organization, we are extremely effective - not only in helping people regain control of their lives, but in offering them greater hope for the future and helping  them maintain their dignity during a difficult time. 

Where Do We Find People?

You are the key! Your concern regarding friends, neighbors, and family members is our greatest avenue to the  to the people we are trying to reach.

Have you ever known someone who was faced with a severe physical impairment?...The overwhelming loss of a family member or loved one?...The sudden and total loss of earning capability?...Or other circumstances that threaten their quality of life?  

You Can Help

Our effectiveness depends on continuous stream of funding. Your support can make an important difference in someone's life.