Michael's Story

Michael was a bright, generous and vibrant person. For years, he helped others in his career as a massage therapist and as a volunteer for a number of service organizations.

At the age of 34, he was diagnosed with Aids Lymphoma. Like many cancer sufferers, Michael could no longer work once he started chemotherapy. Though he received some assistance, it was not enough to cover his monthly living  expenses.

The fundraising efforts of Choices and Hope enabled Michael to continue a life of dignity up until his death. He was able to maintain his residence close to the Norris Cancer Center at USC, where he received his chemo treatments and continual testing.

Michael was one of the lucky ones because he could concentrate on trying to live and not worry about money. Though he was not ultimately able to conquer cancer, he did enjoy an entire year in remission while we were helping him. Choices and Hope made a difference in his quality of life.